Testing Facility

Door Durability Tester (Open-Close)

Tester for verifying Durability by using robot. Open-Close Durability tests on Door, Tail gate, Hood and Endurance test for Brake pedal and clutch pedal.

Door Rigidity Tester

Rigidity on Door sash, Door hinge rigidity and Front/Side Static rigidity of Door Assy

Hydraulic Servo Fatigue Tester

Durability and Strength of each area of W/Body, by using movable actuator.

Handle Vibration Analysis

Analysis and verification on characteristic frequency (Hz) of Handle by hammering and Dynamic rigidity of Deck C/MBR.

Hydraulic Servo Vibration Fatigue Tester

Up/down & side to side vibration test on Functional parts ( Fuel system parts ). Performance verification of vibration endurance when mounted to actual vehicle. Measurement of resonance frequency.

Fatigue Tester

Repeated loading to Functional parts to verify the durability. Static load test is also available.Applicable load : Max. 10Ton

SHED (Shielded Housing for Evaporation Determination)

Measurement of vapor gas emission amount from Fuel system parts.Verification of material satisfying Evaporative Emission Regulations.

Thermal Shock Chamber

Durability verification of resin molded parts in the atmosphere of actual vehicle. Cycle of rapid temperature change from High to Low. Set Temp. -50Ž to +200Ž

Thermostatic & Constant Humidity Chamber

Operational durability test of resin molded part in the atmosphere of actual vehicle. Also available for large size parts ( Door etc. ) Set Temp. -40Ž to +150Ž

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